Bios and taxes. The inevitable, unavoidable tasks that any provider dreads.

What can I say? I’m all about balance. I maintain my nerdy goody-goody lifestyle all while being a full-time professional bad girl. I’m intensely private yet you can definitely find me naked on an internet near you. I love skyscrapers and mountains; I love form and function. My sincere adoration for art is as strong as my desire to laugh at it.

I think you can already tell I am a libra…

I’ve played in this realm for almost a decade now. The lifestyle suits me just as much as it suits you. I’ve gone by many pseudonyms, superlatives, and styles, but ultimately what I thrive on is connection.

I fancy myself a storyteller and secret keeper. I’m here to listen and to melt into. I’m here to tease and laugh. I’m here to challenge you.

You can’t fit this girl in a paragraph.





Shoe Size

Dress Size


Body Type


Favorite Genre


Smells Like

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early 30s




Tall & Leggy

Running & Barre

Horror and Scifi

Anything with Synth




Chicago, for better (the food and airports) and for worse (the winter and Cubs traffic), is my base. Between living in New York, DC, and the windy city, I’ve always been drawn to the hustle of living in steel and concrete. I wanted nothing more than hearing Lyfts honk at me and spilling my lattes while living out a quirky romantic comedy trope.

We have the choice of a selection of fully equipped and clean incalls. I host in West Town, Gold Coast, as well as Schaumburg. We will coordinate together which location will best suits our needs at the given time.

My first boyfriend came in at a statistically average 5’9″, one inch shorter than myself. I asked him if it bothered him to be with a girl taller than him. He said “Baby, no! You’re my lighthouse! A beacon! When I walk in a room they all say ‘Hey… he’s with that girl!'”

Whether its in heels or flats, I never get tired of being your lofty arm candy.

Your dream girl obviously!

But in all seriousness, this is a question I receive quite a bit based on my unique, exotic features. What I am is a sweet blend of Black and German.

I also identify as a certified Nexus-6 Pleasure Model and a 5 star double rated astronavigatrix.

I like to reward longtime companionship by extending my old rates to special friends who met me prior to March of 2020. This is a gesture given to regulars of mine. The definition of regular is at my discretion. If we were just two ships who passed in the night once or twice over the course of the past decade…probably not. Attempting to change my mind on this will not get you far.

My boys know who they are. ❤

I’ll greet you with a hug and a smile like we’re already the familiar souls that we soon will be. If we are meeting privately, please take a moment in the restroom to freshen up and wash your hands, mouthwash, etc. leaving the donation in the room with me.

If we’re meeting publicly, placing the donation in a book or gift bag is absolutely classic, but I also encourage you to get creative in what you hide it in as long as it ensures our discretion. I’m a lady and don’t like to have to bring it up, so please do not put me in that position.

Once the boring part is out of the way, the fun can begin…

If we’ve opted to get kinky, we will take time out of our respective roles to sit down and go over hard limits, health concerns, and safe words before we dive in to our kinky head space. Even if we discuss this during our phone consultation, its still important to me to discuss our needs in person prior to indulging together for the first time. It may seem redundant, but humor me. Safety and clear boundaries for us both are important to me.

I love wine but am no snob. Champagne on the other hand…is a different situation entirely. Every working girl is a sucker for Veuve and I’m no different, but lets venture out to a Lilbert-Fils if you’re feeling frisky!

If you’re not a bubbly guy, lets go old school with a nice scotch. Laphroaig has never done me wrong.

Regarding munchies: After many years of extensive research, I can conclude that sushi is the best food to order in for a date. Its a colorful finger food that is filling enough leave you sated, but not so heavy we can’t get a little physical after we’ve dined. Plus, think about how hot it’ll be to eat it off me!

Feeling claustrophobic and need to spread your wings on a night out? Check out my Date Ideas.

As much as I appreciate the classic sentiment of cocoa-dusted romance, I just ask for no chocolates. Butterscotch, a cheese plate, or salted caramel will get you brownie points with me though!

Likly, yes.

Being a bratty gatekeeper and debating the finer points of sci-fi and cult horror movies is my love language. You’ll like me when I’m bratty