et’s play a game! Its the grand opening of my new home on the internet and we should celebrate, right?! Take a look around and I think you’ll like what you find…

To this day, I still mourn the loss of Google Reader and subscribing to RSS feeds. I miss getting to know bloggers and writers on a deeper level than 280 characters can provide. Don’t get me wrong! I still love a finely curated social media post; in fact, you can find me on Twitter and Instagram alike. But in the age of shadowbanning and censorship, I need a little more room to breath. I have the need to express myself unfiltered and uninterrupted by some prudish tech CEO’s rules. I just want to have a good time.

Providers always stress reading our websites in full. We put a lot of time and thought in our digital selves and want you to not only be entertained but really see us. So why not make it fun with a little incentive? I grew up in the age of Pizza Hut BOOK IT! program and while I don’t have a personal pan for you, can I offer you a nude in this trying time..?

As fun kick off to the next stage of my career and launch of more online content via OnlyFans, I have buried links in the copy throughout my website that will give you free access to my feed. Depending on how deeply you read, the longer the subscription you’ll find! I’ve hidden one week subscriptions, one month subscriptions, and to the most avid readers, 5 one YEAR subscriptions!

Want a sneak preview? Check out Explicit Permissions, the naughty part of my blog where you a once monthly peek behind the paywall.