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Chicago Blogger Maxienne Robey

Maxienne Robey is a long time staple of the Chicago kink scene. She’s as sweet and quirky as she is a deviant, creative sadist. Above all, she just wants to corrupt nice boys and girls into doing all sorts of unspeakable, naughty activities. You can learn more about her and what your date could be like here.

I’ll get you started…


The biggest argument before a date: “I don’t know, what do you want to eat…?” I take care of it all for you.
Date Ideas
Intimate portraits of my dearest friends in the industry. Hot takes. Hotter pics.
Chronicling all The Weird Stuff


Etc is where you can find what is going through my mind in real time. This part of my blog is the lady’s choice. No rules, just right. Whatever I’m thinking, whatever I’m feeling, I serve it up right here on a regular basis.